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Today’s a nice happy day =). Seems like a good day to resurrect a blog. New dot, new KDE; both looking fantastic thanks to Nuno =).

Maybe I’ll get my finger out and do something for 4.3… This and this both seem like good places to start.

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Hello world!

I’ve decided to start a blog, because there aren’t enough of them in the world. This one will actually be interesting though* as its about about Oxygen Icons the new visual experience for your Free Desktop.

I joined the Oxygen team a few months back and I try to concentrate on the smallest icons in the set. Between now and mid October, you’ll see the finishing touches put to the icon set (and a few complete overhauls in between :-)) and I’ll show you some of the progress I make along the way.

Don”t think that Oxygen stops when KDE 4.0 is released, there’s plenty of things to keep us occupied. On the icon side of things theres an OpenOffice.org theme to do, KOffice icons and Scribus icons. Also I’ve started an icon theme for Inkscape and Mozilla Firefox too (both of which are very incomplete at the moment.)

To be honest I don’t know why I’ve written all this. After all no one will read it until I get on planetkde…. 😦

Anyway I hope you’ll stick around, and have fun with KDE =)

* actually it’ll probably be downhill from here on in

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